Prince Andrew furious as £3m armed police protection to be scrapped in weeks

Fuming Prince Andrew is seething with officials after he was told they would no longer pay millions of pounds each year to fund his armed police protection, it has been claimed.

The Duke of York, who stepped away from his royal duties amidst the Jeffery Epstein sex scandal, enjoys taxpayer funded guards whenever he leaves the grounds of Windsor.

But this is expected to be removed by mid-December with ministers looking to save the estimated £3 million pounds a year that goes towards his protection, reports The Sun on Sunday.

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The seething royal is reportedly set to register an official complaint in a bid to get the security back, a source told the paper.

“He is going to write to the Home Office and the Met Police to complain about losing his taxpayer-funded security,” they said.

Prince Andrew, who saw his royal reputation badly tarnished following a bombshell BBC interview that infamously saw him claim he didn’t sweat, was stripped of the title His Royal Highness and all his military honours.

He is reported to have paid a whopping £7 million to sex accuser Virginia Roberts in an out-of-court settlement that saw her drop the case.

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The Duke of York has always strongly denied any allegation of wrongdoing that has been made against him.

He joins Prince Harry in having his taxpayer-funded protection removed after no longer performing a role as a working member of The Firm.

The Duke of Sussex was also said to be unhappy at the news, and earlier this year he won the first stage of his legal battle against the Home Office over security arrangements when he and wife Meghan Markle are in the UK.

The Daily Star has contacted representatives of Prince Andrew for a comment.

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