Prince Charles moved to tears after son Wills spoke about inheritance

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While discussing Prince William’s future as the Duke of Cornwall, his father and the UK’s future King, Prince Charles, recently revealed that he had been shedding tears after watching his son talk about family.

Prince William’s emotional moment was captured in the 2019 documentary, Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall, which gave a privileged access to Prince Charles and his private domain.

As the Duke of Cambridge was seen speaking to artist Mervyn Keeling about his inheritance of Prince Charles’ estate, the 39-year-old royal revealed that he had started to think about how he will inherit the Duchy and how he will deal with the new title.

In the heartwarming observational documentary, the father-of-three expressed the importance of family.

Once the 72-year-old Duke of Cornwall becomes King, Prince William will, as the next heir to the throne, inherit his father’s Duchy of Cornwall, a grand fate the eldest son of Prince Charles and Lady Di has not been taking lightly.

In the moving docu-series, Prince William shared his enthusiasm thinking about passing the emblematic estate on to his children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis one day.

Prince Charles has recently revealed that he had been “deeply touched and moved” by his son’s appearance on the documentary, and by his words.

"Frankly, it reduced me to tears. It did really because I suddenly thought well, just hearing that from him made the last 50 years worthwhile," the father-of-two, and grand-father of five said.

Royal Family expert, Camilla Tominey, explained on the Telegraph’s podcast, Royal Insight, that the Duke of Cornwall was “likely to slim down the monarchy when he becomes king.”

According to the journalist, there was a sense that Prince Charles has been looking to slim down the monarchy to “make sure that everybody is doing their bit and there are no so-called hangers-on.”

It has been reported that the father and son held a summit, in order to “decide the future of the monarchy over the next two generations following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh”.

Buckingham Palace has seen some disruptions over the past few years, with Prince Harry’s departure from the royal family, as well as with Prince Andrew’s shocking sexual assault allegations.

“In the next decade, everything will change. What we have also seen in conjunction with the fact that there are fewer royals is this recalibration of what it means to be a royal,” Camilla explained.

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