Prince George is Palaces only hope for invigorating fresh blood expert warns

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Prince George is the Royal Family’s only hope for ‘invigorating fresh blood’, a royal commentator has warned.

Daniela Elser, writing for suggests that Prince Charles might have a “disturbingly malnourished” version of the Royal Family when he becomes King, with the average age of working senior royals at 66 years old.

As of Prince William’s birthday in June next year, all of the working members of the Royal Family will be over the age of 40.

The columnist likened eight-year-old George to what the Danish royal family are doing with their own Prince Christian, by starting to dramatically increase his public profile in recent months in the lead-up to his 16th birthday.

She argues that George, who is third in line to the throne, might have to start his public career sooner than his parents might have liked.

Elser writes: "Sadly, this predicament raises the question of whether we will see Prince George start his public career sooner than his parents might like.

"The monarchy’s brand will be in dire need of some invigorating fresh blood by the time he hits his later teenage years.

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"Just look across the North Sea to Denmark where the Amalienborg Palace has started to dramatically increase the public profile of Prince Christian, the second in line to the throne, in recent months in the lead-up to his 16th birthday."

This concern comes following the Queen’s overnight stay in hospital last week which was put down to her being “knackered”, with the monarch undertaking 19 engagements this month alone.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the palace have made the decision that from now on, the Queen will always be accompanied by one of her children or grandchildren on all future engagements, ensuring that if health concerns force her to pull out at the 11th hour, a senior royal will be able to step in.

A source close to Prince William and Kate Middleton told the Telegraph: “If there is any way they can support Her Majesty on her engagements, they will. They are both keen to provide any support they can.”

Although the new arrangements seem very sensible given Her Majesty’s age and schedule, the reality according to Elser is that the Royal Family is in the “midst of a historic staffing problem” regarding its senior working members.

In the last two years, one-third of its senior working members have taken a step back, first with Prince Andrew following the accusations made against him by Virginia Giuffre, and then by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to move first to Canada and then to the US.

In 2019, the last year in which Harry, Meghan and Andrew were still officially on the books, they notched up a total 558 engagements, both in the UK and overseas.

Harry’s former honorary posts as Captain General of the Royal Marines, Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving and Honorary Air Commandant of Royal Air Force Honnington are currently vacant.

So too are positions of President and Vice-President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and the patronages of the Royal National Theatre and the Association of Commonwealth Universities which still need to be filled.

It has been left to the seven senior working members of the royal family still on the books to try and pick up some of that slack.

In fact, of the Queen’s six adult grandchildren, the Duke of Cambridge is the only one who undertakes official duties.

Contrast this to the situation of her grandfather King George where seven of his nine grandchildren would go on to work on behalf of the Crown.

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