Prince Harry defends Meghan Markle and slams Megxit term as misogynistic

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Prince Harry has slammed the term 'Megxit' as "misogynistic" and insists that it was "created by a troll".

Megxit was first used by UK newspapers at the start of last year after Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they were stepping down from their roles as working royals.

However, according to Vanity Fair and a report from advocacy group Hope Not Hate, the term had been used in social media posts since 2018 by people criticising Meghan.

One Twitter post, dated on May 19 2018, reads: "Am I the only one that thinks the royal wedding is either a) a big practical joke America is playing on us? Or b) the next version of the EU and we will soon be having a referendum to see if Harry should divorce Megan? #megxit ?"

Another dated on the following day uses the hashtag alongside a picture of the Queen looking ominously at the Duchess.

On Tuesday this week, Harry took part in Wired magazine's RE:WIRED virtual summit in New York and spoke as part of the Internet Lie Machine panel.

Discussing the term he said: "The term Megxit was or is a misogynistic term that was created by a troll, amplified by world correspondents.

"It grew and grew and grew onto mainstream media, but it began with a troll."

This news comes just two weeks after an independent report revealed that Meghan had been subjected to a coordinated Twitter hate campaign.

The report released by Bot Sentinel, a Twitter analytics provider, gave credence to the Duchess' claim last year that she was the "most trolled person" on the planet.

Bot Sentinel's analysis suggested that just 83 Twitter accounts with a combined 187,000 followers were behind 70% of the fiercely anti-Sussex tweets.

It also found many of the tweets to contain 'coded racist language'.

Harry cited Bot Sentinel's report on Tuesday when he said: "More than 70% of the hate speech about my wife on Twitter can be traced to fewer than 50 accounts."

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