Prince Harry used to hear people debate if he was gay on secret shopping trips

Prince Harry has claimed that he used to hear members of the general public talking about whether or not he was gay during secret trips to local supermarkets.

In the latest life-changing revelation to come out of the much-talked-out tell-all memoir from Harry, called Spare – released yesterday (January 10) – he detailed how he overheard conversations during his “dash” down the aisles.

In an enthralling section of the book, he admits to wearing a disguise comprised of a law baseball cap and loose coat.

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He would then “run along the aisles at warp speed”, grabbing salmon fillets, yoghurt, Granny Smith apples, bananas and crisps.

And once he got to the checkouts, he found himself near the news racks containing “every British tabloid and magazine, and half the front pages and magazine covers were photos of my family”.

He said: “More than once I watched customers read about me, overheard them debating me.

“In 2015 I overheard them frequently discussing whether or not I'd ever marry.

“Whether or not I was happy.

“Whether or not I might be gay.

“I was always tempted to tap them on the shoulder . . . 'Ello.”

The Prince did not clarify which supermarkets he would frequent for his shopping trips, or whether or not he'd take security with him.

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The Duke of Sussex also makes the startling admission that he is aware of people mocking him on social media for having “mismatched outfits” and “ratty shoes”.

This, he admits, is because he “didn't think” about clothing.

He added: “I didn't fundamentally believe in fashion, and I couldn't understand why anybody would.

“Writers would flag a photo of me and wonder why my trousers were so long, my shirts so crumpled.

“They didn't dream that I'd dried them on the radiator.

“Not very princely, they'd say.”

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