Prince Harrys bombshell autobiography could burn the whole Firm down

The upcoming autobiography from Prince Harry could "burn the whole Firm down" if the right details are included, a royal expert has claimed.

But despite wanting to be "wholly truthful" in his bombshell book, the Duke of Sussex may refrain from featuring many details that could tear the Royal Family apart.

Content within the book is largely unknown so far, with experts split on whether or not Prince Harry will use the autobiography, which is scheduled to release in November, as an opportunity to come clean about life in the Royal Family.

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Royal expert Kinsey Schofield said that it is not in Harry's "DNA to write something salacious".

Speaking on the upcoming autobiography, expert Kinsey said: "I think Harry is going to try to tell a story about a young man who overcomes adversity — that’s truly what I think this is going to be.

"He is going to discuss the death of his mother I believe and he’s going to talk about how that affected him as a young adult, and how he turned that emotion into the leader he is today.

"Now, will his publisher allow people like us to discuss what horrible things he might mention in his book? Absolutely, because they want it to sell. They want those pre-orders to go out the roof."

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Despite the need for "horrible things" within the book, Kinsey does not believe the book will contain details that would "destroy his family".

She added: "But I don’t think that it is in Prince Harry’s DNA to write something salacious that could destroy his family because, at the end of the day, his children could benefit from that relationship, from anything that is good that is happening to the Royal Family — his children could benefit from.

"I don’t think Prince Harry is going to burn the whole place down with this book. I think he is going to use this book to elevate himself."

It is unknown what will feature in the upcoming autobiography, with experts split on what to expect of the book, Daily Express reported.

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