Princess Anne shows sentimental photo of Zara Tindall in rare snap at home

Princess Anne shared a glimpse into her cosy living room which was filled with sweet family photos.

Dozens of books and trinkets were also spotted at her Gatcombe Park home in Gloucestershire.

The Princess Royal, who is patron of Scottish Rugby, shared a photo as she cheered the team who won the Calcutta Cup on Saturday after beating England 6-11.

In a photo posted on the Royal Family official Instagram account, the Queen's only daughter relaxed in a cosy lounge full of paintings, family photos and books with her husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

Fans were delighted to catch a rare snippet inside the 70-year-old's home and how 'normal' it seemed.

Photographs of Princess Zara Tindall's 1981 christening was featured, as well as two coffee table books on aminals.

Snaps of her son Peter Philips as a child and paintings from the countryside can be seen on the walls.

Porcelain animal figurines were also spotted by eagle-eyed fans.

Princess Anne is wearing a comfortable blue fleece over a red jumper, while Sir Tim wears a flannel shirt.

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The couple have a matching armchair and sofa, with a coral floral plattern.

Their coffee table spills with notes, boots and ornaments.

Fans also praised the Princess Royal for her flat screen TV being propped on an old-fashioned built-in cabinet, which may have been the home of another TV set in the past.

The picture of Anne holding Peter and Zara at her daughter's christening 40 years ago took pride on top of the cabinet, and another snap of the siblings taken years later was displayed on the same shelf.

The couple seem to be fans of photographs as paintings of the seaside and lighthouses can be seen hung on the walls.

A bed for Anne's dog was placed against the TV set as well, ready to welcome her English Bull Terrier for a nap when the time comes.

Fans were delighted with the photo, saying it seemed like a 'normal' lounge.

"A standard front room/lounge …love it – feels like home," one said. 

"I love the normalcy of this photo," said another. 

"This is possibly the most normal looking royal house I think I've seen," said one person.

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