Pub tells punters to follow strict rules or risk being banned from boozer

A pub has caused untold outrage after posting a long list of rules punters have to adhere to on its windows.

The Boot and Shoe in Tockwith went viral on social media after its eight rules were unveiled earlier this month.

From banning dogs to forcing customers to remove their shoes and boots, the are several pages of A4 paper slapped on the windows.

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The “NO SWEARING POLICY” states: “We wish to inform all of our customers that we have introduced a zero tolerance policy against swearing in all our pubs.

“Please kindly respect that policy.”

And another rule has banned all “transmission” devices – basically, mobile phones.

That rule also states that iPads, laptops and tablets are banned, because the owners want punters to enjoy “social conversation”.

Social media platforms are also banned from being used inside the pub – which is probably handy when it's quiz night.

And a third notice bans children from the inside of the premises, but does allow them inside the outdoor beer garden.

It reads: “For the time being children will only be allowed in the beer gardens.

“They must stay at your table and not running around.

“They cannot come inside the pub and must be accompanied by an adult when they go to the toilet. All children have to be off the premises by 8pm.

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“We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

The rules have gone down like being slapped with a wet fish on social media.

One wrote: “Trying really hard to put themselves out of business aren’t they.

“And I like their pubs!"

The pub is actually owned by Samuel Smith Brewery.

When contacted about the rules, a spokesman for the pub said: “It's a brewery decision to ban them.”

According to several pubs, the rules have been in place at Samuel Smith pubs for many years.

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