Putin ally claims Russia is at war with Britain and US not Ukraine

NATO: British army deployment ‘win win’ says expert

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Russia’s security council secretary Nikolai Patrushev has said the war in Ukraine has become “a military confrontation between Russia and NATO, and above all the US and Britain”. Patrushev, who is one of Putin’s closest allies, made the comments during an interview with Argumenti i Fakti newspaper, a Russian state media outlet. Patrushev claimed the plan from the West is to “continue to pull Russia apart, and eventually just erase it from the political map of the world”. The long-time Putin ally, who has known him since the 1970s, accused the US of being “a shell for a conglomerate of huge corporations that rule the country and try to dominate the world”.

Mr Patrushev said: “The events in Ukraine are not a clash between Moscow and Kyiv – this is a military confrontation between Russia and Nato, and above all the United States and Britain.

“The Westerners’ plans are to continue to pull Russia apart, and eventually just erase it from the political map of the world.

“The Westerners seek to weaken our country, to dismember it, to destroy the Russian language and the Russian world.

“Fearing direct contact, NATO instructors are driving Ukrainian guys to certain death. The West, for the sake of its ambitions, is practically destroying the Ukrainian people, forcing the active generation to die on the battlefield and bringing the rest of the population to poverty.”

He added the West sees “no place” for Russia in the modern world, insinuating it was jealous of the nation’s “rich resources, vast territory and smart and self-sufficient people”.

Asked about Patrushev’s remarks, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said NATO and the United States were part of the Ukraine conflict.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev is regarded by diplomats as one of the major hardline influences on Putin, who has promised victory in Ukraine despite a series of battlefield setbacks.

Kremlin officials have continually accused NATO of encroaching upon Russia in areas of eastern Europe, using the claim as justification for the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Last year, during Russia’s Victory Day celebrations in May, Putin delivered a fiery anti-West speech to commemorate the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War 2.

In it, he suggested NATO had been “actively trying to assimilate the territories adjacent” to Russia.

He said: “The NATO bloc began actively trying to assimilate the territories adjacent to us by military means.

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“In this way, they began systematically creating an absolutely unacceptable threat and directly on our borders.”

Putin added that it was “inevitable” that Russia would have to fight against Ukrainian “neo-Nazis, Banderites, on whom the United States and their junior partners had placed their bets”.

NATO has reaffirmed that its foundational purpose is entirely defensive and that they have made no attempts to threaten Russia.

NATO forces have also refrained from participating directly in the conflict in Ukraine.

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