Putin faces new mass mutiny as 2,500 conscripts confront drunk Russian general

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    Vladimir Putin is facing more mutinies against his brutal war in Ukraine.

    The latest comes as up to 2,500 mobilised Russian men faced down a “drunk” general in a protest over their training camp conditions and rusty weapons.

    The latest rebellion in Kazan highlights how disgruntled draftees are bravely challenging the authorities amid fears they face being sent to the front as cannon fodder.

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    It follows two more mutinies in Ulyanovsk and annexed Luhansk region signally a breakdown of discipline and morale in Putin’s army.

    A new night video shows a crowd of angry enlisted soldiers in Kazan staging a rally before riot police were called.

    But it was in posts on social media that they vented their fury over the grim reality of Putin’s call-up and being treated "like pigs".

    One said: “The general was kicked out of here – the brute arrived drunk and [making complaints about our behaviour].

    “We have rusty machine guns from the 1970s that are not [tested], it is dangerous to shoot with them.”

    “The equipment for 2,500 people is two Ural [trucks]. And there is no water to shower, and the meals [are not regular].”

    Trainers who have been to the front told the men they will be facing death.

    A bleak post said: “They say that with such training and weapons, you have no chance to come back."

    Another post gave a different number for the troops in revolt, saying: "Mutiny. The whole [military] unit is telling the general to f*** off. 1,800 people.”

    They added: "The general is drunk".

    He complained of “no washing machines and no baths" as he added: "We all walk around like pigs and they don't let us have any leave – if you have friends in the media, spread the word."

    They were told Putin’s regional boss, Rustam Minnikhanov, head of Tatarstan, was due to come and negotiate with the men but failed to arrive.

    Another source said that it was "the last drop of patience for everyone." They added: “The men have had enough, and [started protesting].”

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    A day earlier it was revealed that 39 men had walked off the frontline in Ukraine's Russian-occupied Luhansk region and demanded to go back to Russia.

    A source close to the men said: “For several days they hid from shelling, some were seriously wounded, others were killed.

    “Our men ran out of provisions and water, there was no ammunition. They ate what they could find, and drank from a puddle.

    “Nothing was brought to them, they were simply sent to their deaths."

    Separately, enlisted troops from the Chuvashia republic refused to leave their training base for the front because they claimed they were cheated by Russian officials over payments.

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    Riot police were called to a barracks in Ulyanovsk to quell the uprising.

    The protest culminated in almost 2,000 disgruntled draftees demanding to be allowed home for the weekend with their families.

    The rebellious men were reportedly granted their wish to diffuse the ugly standoff.

    A panicking Putin signed a decree to make one-time payments of 195,000 roubles [£2,800] to contract soldiers and the 318,000 he has enlisted.

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