Putin fears full-scale top brass mutiny as more generals purged

Vladimir Putin has taken drastic action to root out supposed enemies amongst his ranks.

It has been claimed by Telegram channels that up to three more generals – betrayers in Putin’s eyes – have been purged.

If true, it takes the total number of generals fired, suspended, detained or vanished up to 11.

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‌Telegram channel Verum Regnum commented on the Bloody Sunday axings: “Right now, the fate of the army is being decided, and afterwards the fate of the country.

‌“If military officials manage to concentrate their power, trampling all the sprouts of initiative and professional honour in the troops, destroying the last heroes born [in the conflict against Ukraine], the inglorious end of the war is coming.”

‌Another military-linked channel called Two Majors added: "We consider the current situation to be extremely tense, first of all, for the active troops.”

It has also been suggested that Putin, his defence minister Sergei Shoigu and Russia’s most senior soldier Valery Gerasimov fear a “mass mutiny” as they seek to fight against Ukraine’s counter-offensive.

It is thought that at least some of the regular army are said to be turning against the Russian president.

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Unconfirmed claims also suggest troops are seeking to save Colonel-General Mikhail Teplinskiy, 54, and have recorded a message threatening a paratroopers mutiny if he is detained.

‌The message read: “We, the paratroopers, warn that we will not tolerate such actions in relation to General Teplinskiy‌. In the event of the slightest threat to his life and freedom, we will stand as a wall to protect the honour and dignity of our commander.

‌”We are very determined. Up to the point that we will withdraw from our positions and go to the rescue of our [commander]. Paratroopers do not abandon their own kin.”

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