Putin is NOT healthy Kyiv mayor erupts as one dead and 19 injured in residential bombing

Ukraine: Kyiv mayor says Putin's claims are 'bull****'

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One person has been killed and 19 injured after parts of a Russian missile fell on a residential building in the northern part of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Friday morning, Mayor Klitschko said. Emergency services said in a statement that 12 people were rescued and 98 were evacuated from the 5-storey building. Russia has relied heavily on missiles and shelling to subdue Ukraine’s forces but has yet to secure any of its 10 largest cities.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Klitschko said: “He’s not healthy, there’s no reason to talk to him.

“To do it like that in my home country, it’s not a healthy man – he’s unhealthy.

“It’s a huge danger not for Ukraine but for the whole world.”

Sky’s Alex Crawford asked: “Do you think this could have been a mistake of was this deliberately targeting civilians?”

The Mayor continued: “We’re talking about his mistakes, last morning was a mistake?

“Huge mistakes to destroy Kharkiv and Mariupol? How many mistakes, how many civilians have to be killed.”

He added: “What can they explain about special operation? This war is against civilians, against Ukrainian population. I see no military here.”

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