Putin mocking UK as US, North Korea and China could also have hacked us

Russian President Vladimir Putin is "mocking" the UK and “we can't let him continue to humiliate this country,” a world-leading defence expert has said.

The comments come from Professor Anthony Glees, from the University of Buckingham, just 24 hours after it emerged Russia had hacked the phone of former Prime Minister Liz Truss when she was in post as Foreign Secretary.

According to a Mail on Sunday investigation, spooks working for Putin gained access to “a whole horde of top-secret information”.

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It is believed more than a year’s worth of messages were downloaded from her personal phone.

They included information on the UK’s stance on Ukraine, as well as how vital arms deliveries were being sent to defend the country against Russian invaders.

The breach also gained access to conversations between Truss and ex-Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, including their criticisms of Boris Johnson.

In response, the phone was locked in a secure Government location and Truss was given a new number upon entering No. 10.

The news of the hack came just a few hours after Putin claimed the British Navy blew up the Nord Stream gas pipeline in an act of terror – which was, of course, denied by the UK.

But all of this, Professor Glees says, puts the UK at huge risk.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said: “Putin like all psychopaths loves accusing others of what he himself has done.

“Of course he blew up NS-2, but there is another dimension that may well come from the hacking. Think of how the odious Sergey Lavrov dissed her, think of Putin's mocking Truss's nuclear threats.

“Where does this cockiness come from? Does it come from Truss's mobile phone chat?

“He has every interest in mocking us – we can't let him continue to humiliate this country.”

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Professor Glees, who specialises in defence, also claimed Russia might not be the only country interested in hacking the UK.

In fact, it is possible, he feels, that one of our closest allies might already have done some sneaky hacking on the UK.

He explained: “At the moment, the techies in GCHQ are forensically examining her mobile to try to work out who did the hacking and the assess the damage that it has caused.

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“There is no doubt that Russia and its GRU electronic agents are the prime suspects, but it could be the Chinese, the Iranians, the North Koreans, even America's own NSA.

“Whatever you think about Tory party members, they all put our national security at the top of the list of what a Tory Government must deliver.

“We can assume that we will need at once to rebuild the trust of our allies, whether in the USA [if the NSA weren't doing this] or in Europe, because if we don't Putin will be the winner.”

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