Putin never been so furious as life with sex-mad gymnast leaked says insider

Vladimir Putin has never been "so furious" after bombshell leaks revealed details of an alleged secret life of luxury with his gymnast mistress.

A report from independent Russian media outlet Proekt claimed Putin lives with 39-year-old gymnast Alina Kabaeva – who has been described as "sex mad" – with their children in a huge home on Lake Valdai, around 250 miles away from his Kremlin base in Moscow.

It is said to boast a go-kart track, football pitch, golden furniture, a defence system and its own secret train station.

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“It was built specifically for Kabaeva,” Proekt cited a source as saying. The report also said Putin and Kabaeva, a gold medal-winning Olympian, pay for their lavish lifestyle at the home with a slush fund -money used for illicit purposes.

Telegram channel General SVR, which claims to be run by a Kremlin insider with access to Putin's inner circle, has now claimed "no-one has seen the president so furious".

He was said to be "swearing" and "yelling" in rows with both his security officials and Kabaeva – which reportedly led to his health deteriorating and needing medical assistance.

Putin is thought to blame the FSB security service and Kabaeva’s friends for the leak.

It was “the FSB leadership's fault that they didn't keep a secret that was more serious than a state secret,” the Telegram channel said.

Putin reportedly slammed Kabaeva's pals as they "talk on every corner about everything they know and don't know".

“Putin said that he had 100% information that the leak came from Kabaeva's circle of friends,” alleged the channel.

Kabaeva and Putin have never publicly acknowledged their relationship although they are thought to have at least two children together.

Kabaeva reportedly raged back at Putin that she was "a wife without a husband" and "all the time by herself".

“Mutual recriminations ended with Kabaeva's tears and a short-lived improvement in the mood of the president, who, apparently, enjoyed the ‘victory’ in a verbal duel with his common-law wife,” the channel said.

The Telegram report said Putin's health deteriorated after the row.

The channel has long claimed Putin is suffering from cancer and other ailments, and this week added doctors had to stay with him for about half an hour.

It added he is due to start “a mandatory course of therapy” in the coming days.

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