Putin nuking Ukraine would see 34million people killed, a simulation predicts

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    A terrifying simulation has predicted that a nuclear strike from Russia would wipe out 34million Ukrainians in just five hours.

    Should Russian president Vladimir Putin launch the nuclear warheads, then "Plan A", a simulation that has shown the devastation, predicts millions of deaths and "potentially catastrophic" consequences for Russia and NATO.

    Researchers of Princeton University under the Program on Science & Global Security (SGS) originally released the simulation in 2017, with renewed interest for the system following the events of the war in Ukraine.

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    One of the Plan A creators has said that the "potential nuclear dimension" to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine could be shown by the simulation.

    Dr Alex Glaser, speaking to Newsweek, said: "This is the most serious crisis with a potential nuclear dimension involving Russia and the United States/NATO since the end of the Cold War, even if the risk of a nuclear war is still considered 'small' – as many analysts would argue.

    "A crisis like the one we are currently facing often results in miscommunication between parties, exacerbated by the fact that there remain very few active lines of communication between Russia and the US/NATO."

    The model utilises realistic data on nuclear force, which here predicts that 34.1million people would die within hours.

    Injured individuals would be charting up to 55.9million too, although the figures do not include subsequent deaths that occur from nuclear fallout.

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    The video, which is available on YouTube, opens with a brief statement to viewers, with a chilling warning of how the piece adapts to the "fatality estimates".

    It reads: "What follows is a depiction of how a conflict between Russia and the United States could escalate from conventional war to all-out nuclear war.

    "The simulation is based on real force postures, targets and fatality estimates."

    Although released three years ago, the simulation has since gained new traction with graphics that showcase the eventual global horrors of a nuclear war.

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