Putin plotting terrorist act with plan to release nuclear radiation

Volodymyr Zelensky talks about the attack on Kherson

The nuclear plant, which is currently occupied by Putin’s forces, has the potential to wreak devastation in Europe. In a video, released on Thursday, the Ukrainian leader said Kyiv was providing its international allies with information regarding the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia facility in the south of Ukraine.

President Zelensky said: “Intelligence has received information that Russia is considering the scenario of a terrorist act at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant – a terrorist act with a release of radiation.”

He added: “They have prepared everything for this.”

The Kremlin rejected the claim from the Ukrainian leader as “another lie”, and argued that a team of UN nuclear inspectors had assessed the plant and adjudged the facility to be in safe working order.

The former actor turned wartime politician did not disclose how the Ukrainian security services gathered the intelligence that Russia was planning the reckless release of nuclear material.

The President said: “Unfortunately, I have had to remind [people] more than once that radiation knows no state borders. And who it will hit is determined only by the direction of the wind…”

This comes after a major bridge between Crimea, which is still held by Russia, and Kherson was bombed by British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles on Thursday, Russian officials claimed.

Vladimir Saldo, the Kremlin supporting Kherson governor, insisted that the UK’s cruise missiles had inflicted severe damage to the road on the Chonhar bridge. Despite this, no casualties have been reported.

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Andriy Yusov, an officer in Ukraine’s military intelligence, told the Financial Times that he “cannot confirm or deny” the Chonhar bridge attack and that “the leadership of the occupiers bears responsibility for what is happening on the occupied territories”.

Ukraine has not taken responsibility for the strikes in Russian territory or in Crimea.

The bridge connects Crimea and Kherson and is the quickest route to the front line where pro-Kremlin militants are positioned.

The “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles, provided by Rishi Sunak, were jointly developed by the UK and France.

The weapons are equipped with “stealth capabilities” and a firing range of more than 155 miles.

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