Putin sends Red Lipstick Army of glam spokeswomen to justify Ukraine invasion

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Vladimir Putin has deployed a "Red Lipstick Army" in a bid to justify his Ukraine invasion.

The Russian leader has recruited a battalion of glamorous spokeswomen to take away the hard edges’ of battlefield brutality such as last week’s bombing of a maternity hospital. Asked about the attack – which killed three including a child – director of information at Russia ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova dismissed it as "information terrorism".

Sporting bright red lipstick she claimed Ukrainian reports about the airstrike were fake.

Previously she claimed Ukraine was developing biological weapons in briefings that have become must-watch events on YouTube where she has million of followers.

Zakharova has been put on the EU’s sanctions list along with Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of broadcaster RT, who conducted an interview with the Salisbury Novichok poisoners in which they claimed to be innocent tourists "visiting the city cathedral’s famous 123m spire".

Another propagandist is Maria Butina who was convicted of spying for Russia against the US in 2018 and now serves in the State Duma. Last week she claimed in a BBC interview that Ukrainians were shelling themselves.

Meanwhile senator and government spokesman Valentina Matviyenko has claimed the invasion was "the only way to stop a brotherly war".

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Communications consultant Jo Tanner, a former adviser to Boris Johnson, said she could see the logic’ of deploying women in such roles.

"You would be trying to take away the hard edges,’’ she said.

"Internally these spokespeople are playing on the fact that their own people have limited access to other sources of information.

"The whole invasion is based on a complete lie and is being fuelled by a continuation of that.

"You would hope that the spokespeople are being duped and they don’t know the truth when they’re delivering it. But you have to question that.

"They are cultured people doing these jobs. They must be able to see the other sources of information around the world, contradicting what they are saying".

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Mark Galeotti, a professor at UCL who specialises in Russia, said Putin knew a succession of dull apparatchiks in grey suits didn’t work at "punching up the message while the Zakharovas of the world absolutely get the coverage and the attention".

"Their roles mean that a lot of these women are more famous outside of Russia than at home,’’ he said.

"Butina was a kind of accidental celebrity. Simonyan is a shrewd careerist with an eye for what will catch people’s attention.

"It’s hard to know what she believes in her heart of hearts but at a certain point you make your choices.

"Zakharova is probably a different case. She enjoys the combative nature of her job. My sense is that she absolutely believes what she’s saying.

"The Kremlin is interested in tapping whatever human resources it has. `Leave your morals at the door, and it helps if you’re attractive".

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