Putin slams gender-neutral god and says paedophilia is normal in West

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that paedophilia "is normal" in the West at his state of the nation address today (Tuesday, February 21).

Putin also said the Anglican church is considering the idea of a "gender-neutral God" and went on a bizarre homophobic rant.

"They [the West] are targeting our young generation," he said. "Of course, they keep lying. They are twisting historic facts.

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"They are going against our culture, against our religious organisations. Look what they've done to their own people.

"They are destroying family, national identity. They are abusing their children – even paedophilia is announced as a normal thing in the West.

Putin also briefly said same-sex marriages were "fine" before backtracking.

He continued: "They are recognising same sex marriages. That's fine, they're adults, they've got the right to live their lives and we were always very tolerant about this in Russia, we're not trying to enter people's private lives and we're not going to do this.

"However, we need to tell them. Look at the scriptures of any religion in the world. Everything is said in there. And one of the things is that family is a union of a man and a woman.

"But even these sacred texts are subjected to doubt. The Anglican church is planning to consider the idea of a gender-neutral God. What can you say here?

"Millions of people in the West understand they are being led to spiritual destruction."

The tyrant appeared for the annual speech in Moscow in front of members of both houses of parliament as well as military commanders.

It comes just three days before the anniversary of his "special military operation" in Ukraine.

It is also just over a year until Russia's next presidential elections.

Although they are usually a formality, with Putin able to remain in power until 2036 due to constitutional changes, there are rumours that some within the Kremlin want a change of leadership – especially given the disastrous Ukraine invasion.

The latest estimates from the Ukrainian military put the total number of Russian soldiers killed since February 24, 2022, at 143,680.

That is in addition to the destruction of 6,553 armoured personnel vehicles, 3,316 tanks, 299 planes and 287 helicopters.

Russia still controls around one fifth of Ukrainian territory and in September Putin illegally annexed four regions – Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia.

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