Putins crackpot TV warns Europe theyll have to eat their pets next Christmas

Putin has released a mad 'festive' propaganda TV clip which shows Europeans spending Christmas 2023 frozen and eating their pets for their celebratory feast.

The 'anti-Europe' Christmas message was first broadcast on Kremlin crackpot mouthpiece RT, and has since done the rounds on social media.

Unlikely to be picked up as an idea for the John Lewis' Christmas advertisement next year, the clip depicts a generically European family reduced to eating their pet hamster.

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The ad's concept is a weird echo of the predicament St Petersburg residents found themselves in the Siege of Leningrad during WWII, where the city's residents did freeze and were forced to eat their pets due to the two-and-a-half-year blockade encircling the city, cutting off power and food supplies.

With silent night sung in the background, the clip begins with a happy, warm and prosperous mum and dad presenting their young daughter with a cute hamster wearing a red bow with 'Christmas 2021' superimposed over the video.

This text is replaced by 'Christmas 2022' and the same family are now in grimmer conditions. The family are all rugged up indoors and without electricity.

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Wearing a head-torch, the dad sparks up lights and the Christmas tree with a generator powered by the hamster now encaged and running on a wheel. Despite the tough times, the family happily snuggle up on the couch for warmth and comfort.

'Christmas 2023' then pops up on the screen and the family really are having a tough time of it.

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They are freezing, wind can be heard rattling through their now grey and bleak apartment as they sit down for a meal of watery soup – probably made from their collective tears.

As the family endure this miserable meal, the dad pulls out the hamster's red bow from his mouth in confused repulsion. As the unhappy daughter busies herself with not eating her soup, the mother looks at her husband and silently shushes him, so not to alert their daughter they are eating her beloved pet.

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The dad realizes he just ate the pet, and rushes off, presumably to vomit the hamster up.

At the end of the clip "Merry Anti Russian Christmas. If your media doesn't tell you where this is" is superimposed over the footage.

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One can only assume Putin believes we will be eating our most favourite of animals for the festive season next year due to the Russian – and his – might and for the fact that Russia supplied the EU with around 50 per cent of its natural gas imports before Putin declared war on Ukraine, although the clip doesn't get into the nitty-gritty of how we will descend into this grim existence.

Thanks Putin. Merry Christmas to you too – and have a happy new year.


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