Putin’s hidden military lair filled with bears, volcanos and ballistic weapons

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DESPOT Vladimir Putin tests Russia's weapons of mass destruction in one of the world's most secluded and wildest places filled with fearsome bears and volatile volcanos.

The Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's far east is home to the highest density of brown bears and active volcanos on Earth but missile launches have also become an increasingly common sight.

The region is so east that it is closer to America's Los Angeles than Moscow but that did not stop it from being chosen as the home for Russia's most secretive test site.

Any foreigner hoping to visit the expansive peninsula of volcanos, rivers and forests must apply for a special permit to visit but even then some places are strictly still off-limits to civilians.

Building the Kura test site started way back in 1955 and ready for action two years later. Several decades later and intercontinental ballistic missiles are often seen blasting off into the sky.

The Russian Strategic Rocket Forces overseas the missile launches but the range is reportedly under the administrative control of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces.

Sadly for the abundant wildlife and natives, the military facility disturbs an otherwise pristine environment.

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There is no animal more iconic in the area than the Kamchatka brown bear which prior to human interference populated the entire peninsula.

Despite a decline in numbers of the beasts which can weigh as much as 110 stone, the region remains the most densely populated with them on Earth.

As a result there has been a cruel rise in organised poaching for fun.

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Sergei Kuzhankhuy from the native Kamchadal people told Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty that they oppose the so-called sport.

He said: "We don't organise [bear hunting] we don't have the conditions for it. But wealthy guys bring clients. Bear hunting is highly profitable and they make good money doing that."

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Adding to the bears and ballistic missiles are Kamchatka's range of 300 volcanos which frighteningly includes 29 active ones.

As with the giant predators, the peninsula boasts the highest concentration of active volcanos on Earth with each of them located within 110 miles.

On January 11 2013 the four volcanos known as Shiveluch, Bezymianny, Tolbachik, and Kizimen began to erupt at the exact same time.

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The clashing of the Pacific and Okhotsk tectonic plates has caused the sea of volcanos which make up 113 of the world's recent 1,550 eruptions.

But before plate tectonics were understood, Kamchatka’s many volcanoes and eruptions were the creations of myths.

Koryak folklore believed a raven-like deity named Kutkh formed Kamchatka by dropping a giant feather on the Pacific Ocean.

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