Putins poodles Le Pen savaged for playing Russians game as French stuck in major row

Ukraine: 'Nothing will stop Putin' says Volkivskyi

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The phrase was given to the three Presidential candidates by Claude Malhuret, who also claims the trio have become “Putin’s doormats.” In a furious tirade against the hopefuls aiming to oust President Macron in the upcoming elections in France, the representative of the Allier region in France did not hold back in condemning the threesome.

Mr Malhuret stated: “They are the only ones who do not strongly condemn the invasion.

“They are the only ones who still play Putin’s game.”

The words came after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the French senate in a similar move with the European Parliament, the German Parliament and the US Senate.

On each occasion, Mr Zelensky was met with a standing ovation from senior officials who listened as the President pleaded for more international support and condemnation of Putin and the Russian assault on Ukraine.

Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan have been attacked for their stance on Vladimir Putin.

Adding to his words, Senator Malhuret said: “It’s been years these three people are Putin’s poodles, there is no other word, and since the beginning of the war, they have become his doormats.

“They are the only ones who do not strongly condemn the invasion, they are the only ones who try to make sure Ukraine is not helped, that arms are not sent to Ukraine, that sanctions are not taken.

“They are the only ones still playing Putin’s game by advocating neutrality of Ukraine and the situation as it is today, the annexation of Crimea and Donbas.”

The angry Senator continued: “Of course, they are obliged to condemn the invasion because everyone condemns it and to condemn the horrors and atrocities.

“But they haven’t changed a bit, today they are also Putin’s accomplices.”

Incumbent President Emmanuel Macron tried and failed to broker a diplomatic deal prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He has also on numerous occasions sought to defuse the situation with further diplomacy, once again, failing to meet his objectives.

With the first round of elections due to take place on April 10, and the second round on April 24, the race is on for candidates to pitch to the electorate prior to decisions being made.

Mr Macron is widely tipped to secure a second term in office to avoid the arrival of a far-right candidate, however, polls are steadily fluctuating.

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The latest polls put Mr Macron in first place on 28 percent of the votes for the first round.

Following closely behind is Ms Le Pen on 20 percent, Jean Luc Mélenchon on 14 points, up from barely double figures recently, and in fourth place sits Eric Zemmour.

Valerie Pecresse who was widely thought to be a serious contender has slipped down the polls to fifth place, whilst socialist mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo sits on a mere 2 percent of the polls.

Mr Macron shocked voters recently when appearing in a dressed-down version of himself, with an unshaven face, and looking tired in a rumoured attempt to emulate Mr Zelensky.

According to journalist Ben Marlow: “It shows how desperate Macron is to be remembered as a hero but in attempting to walk a line where Russia isn’t alienated he risks repeating the shortcomings of the past.”

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Ms Le Pen was hesitant in attending the speech made by Mr Zelensky to the French parliament citing she had “prior engagements.”

Speaking of the Ukrainian leader she said: “I don’t particularly admire Mr Zelenskyy.

“I think he is behaving like a head of state and it shouldn’t spark our admiration, it should be normal behaviour.”

But faced with a barrage of media reports and criticism from opponents, Ms Le Pen decided to cancel her engagements and attend the speech.

An aide to the hard-right presidential candidate denied she was responding to the backlash.

“We just didn’t think we were going to be able to move so many planned interviews, in particular one with an overseas TV show,” he said.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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