Putins squad plan to take back Alaska to save North America from fascism

‘Putin’s squad’ has plan to ‘save North America from fascism’

Vladimir Putin’s “squad” has vowed to “take back Alaska” and “save North America from fascism” in a stunning new development.

A video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Anton Gerashchenko shows a group of people in Russia revealing their astonishing plan.

The advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine wrote: “‘Putin’s ‘squad’ has a whole plan for ‘saving North America from fascism.'”

In the video, one woman says: “No choice left. I think it’s time to get Alaska back to Russia.”

A man tells the camera: “Our ships should patrol every coast of America. Then I will sleep well. And not just me.”

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Another woman comments: “In order to effectively fight fascism, we must establish military relations with Mexico to prevent the fascism from spreading further. We must form a military alliance with Mexico.”

A third woman says: “Until there is a change in Government in Canada, we must block that country’s access to the Arctic Ocean.”

Another woman tells the camera: “As in America, the elections are dishonest, so they will not be able to resist such a fascist force that is spreading all over the world. And we would like to stop it all.”

The video ends with one of the people – with the others standing behind her – vowing: “We will save North America from fascism.”

The astounding comments have surfaced as Putin’s right-hand man issued a chilling threat to NATO as the alliance continues to support Ukraine.

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Dmitri Medvedev – Russia’s former president and Putin’s staunch ally – took to Telegram following the delivery of US Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

He warned: “It seems that Russia is being left with less and less choice other than a direct conflict with NATO on the ground.”

Medvedev then bizarrely compared NATO to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime, “albeit larger”.

The staunch Putin ally cited the delivery of US M1A1 Abrams to Ukraine as a reason for potential conflict between Russia and NATO.

He also made reference following the news that the US will deliver ATACMS – a missile capable of hitting targets 190 miles away which is compatible with HIMARS – to Ukraine.

Medvedev continued his threat appearing to reference nuclear weapons – something has done on several occasions during Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine.

The Russian president warned: “We are ready, although the result will be achieved at [a] much greater cost to humanity than in 1945.”

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