Putins subtle microaggressions in body language expose Russian tyrants lies

Vladimir Putin compares Ukraine's efforts to 'Nazi regime'

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Body language and rhetoric expert, Michael Ehlers, claims that Putin lied about the purpose of the invasion of Ukraine and the ‘liberation’ character of his mission. Speaking to RTL news, Ehlers suggests that every shrug of the shoulders, every shake of the head, every involuntary twitch can tell a lot about Putin’s real intentions, as people can’t suppress these movements when they speak.

He says: “No matter how well people are trained, a person cannot hide so-called micro-expressions well, not even Putin.”

According to the expert, Putin’s past experience as an agent with the Soviet domestic and foreign intelligence service KGB, and the training that he received there, have taught him how to control his body.

However, Ehlers spots a subconscious, small movement of his shoulders when he talks about Ukraine pursuing nuclear weapons.

The expert says: “He does a mild shrug when he talks about nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

“He doesn’t notice these small gestures when speaking. If he did notice them, he could control them.”

At the same time, when Putin claims Ukraine was seeking more weapons power, the expert notices a head shake, which he believes is especially telling.

Ehlers said: “The shaking of his head contradicts what he is saying verbally.”

In addition, Ehlers believes that Putin has had Botox injections in his forehead since he is almost 70 but wants to continue looking young, energetic, and strong.

Vladimir Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert

The expert explained: “Part of Putin’s strength is of course also that he doesn’t age, but that he remains a strong, young, powerful guy.

“This would indicate that he has had Botox injections in his forehead.

“The second thing is that as an ex-KGB man, Putin knows that we can read everything from facial expressions.”

According to Ehlers, these injections can be proven a major problem, since they affect his experiencing of emotions.

And he went on explaining: “If the face can no longer express joy, if those 57 facial muscles can no longer move to express joy because they are blocked by Botox, we no longer feel it as much.

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“There have been empirical studies that people who have had injections in fact no longer feel as many emotions.

“This is of course bad news when it comes to a ruler with nuclear weapons.”

Finally, Ehlers notices how Putin rests his fingers on the table as he is speaking, a sign of his training with KGB, which allows him to better control his body.

He says: “These fingers resting on the table, here it is his right hand, in many other parts we can see both hands – with this he is also giving himself confidence and I can push down slightly with the hands on the table and by doing so I am in complete control over my body language and everything I say now gives the impression as if I back it entirely.

“This is his KGB training, he learned it there.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg

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