Putin’s ‘Young Army’ trains with submachine guns while swimming in sick contest

Footage from Russia has shockingly revealed that Russia's 'Young Army' is training up by learning how to swim in military clothes while handling submachine guns.

It showed members of Putin’s ‘Yunarmia’, or Young Army, wearing military-style clothing and jumping into a swimming pool while holding guns that appear to be copies of Kalashnikovs.

Both girls and boys aged 12 to 18 took part in the camouflage swimming, with those over 14 given weapons to carry in the water.

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Evgeny Kubrin, head of Yunarmia in Magnitogorsk, where the video was shot, said: “[The children] receive diplomas, medals and certificates for participation in this event”.

He added that he hoped the participants would later join the army.

Yunarmia is often likened to the notorious Hitler Youth, due to the arms training it provides for young people and its heavy focus on national pride.

It was set up in 2015, now has 1.25 million members, a rise of almost half a million since the start of the war.

The video received huge backlash from Russians, who complained about the indoctrination of children during the war against Ukraine.

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A social media user referred to the numbers of Russian troops killed in Ukraine, posting sarcastically: “You should also have a contest in underwater swimming with body bags”.

Another alluded to Russia ’s rising autocracy, saying: “Kids, you will soon learn what it is like to live abroad, but not in America. In North Korea."

Russia’s propaganda machine has been working overtime since the country invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago to the day.

The Daily Starreportedthat a TV host went on a bizarre rant claiming that London would be “turned to dust”.

The rant was shared across Russian airwaves after it was reported that British arms manufacturers travelled to Ukraine to discuss the possibility of manufacturing British weapons and military vehicles directly in Ukraine.

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