Queen has a good left hook after fights with Princess Margaret, expert says

Recent revelations from a royal expert have said that The Queen developed a "good left hook" after a number of "fights" with sister Princess Margaret.

The siblings became extremely close after their father, King George IV, ascended the throne in 1936, but like all siblings did not always get along.

CNN's Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter spoke about the relationship between the two royal relatives in the 2020 documentary Princess Margaret: Rebel Without A Crown.

She said: "There's some lovely footage of Elizabeth and Margaret when they were growing up. They didn't go to regular schools. They were each other's best friend."

The sisters were schooled at home under their mother and governess Marion Crawford, learning traditional subjects like history, language, literature, and music, Daily Express reports.

Spending so much time together formed an unbreakable bond, but the two could, Arbiter said, "go at it.

"Marion Crawford, their governess, had said they didn't hesitate to argue and fight.

"Elizabeth apparently had a good left hook whereas Margaret wasn't shy to bite her sister in return."

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Arbiter explained that, while they did have their ups and downs, they ultimately had one another's back when it came to difficult times, especially during the death of their father.

New strains for a 10-year-old Elizabeth developed when she was made the presumptive in December 1936 when her father became King of England.

Arbiter said: "Elizabeth was quite happy for Margaret to be the centre of attention because she said 'If Margaret's there, she makes everybody laugh'.

"And so it took the pressure off Elizabeth who perhaps was more introverted compared to her mischievous sister."

Arbiter also revealed Elizabeth was the favourite child of King George, saying: "He once said, 'Elizabeth is my pride, but Margaret is my joy'.

"And certainly he was the most important man in her life. It was always her father who was completely central to her."

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