Queen may revoke Sussexes titles if they profit from Lilibet name says expert

The choice of the name Lilibet for Meghan and Harry’s new baby may not be the bridge between the Duke and Sussex and the wider Royal Family that it appears to be.

In fact, claims one royal expert, if could be the trigger for a final break between Harry and Her Majesty the Queen, possibly even leading to the pair being stripped of their titles.

Australian-based royal watcher Daniela Elser says that the existence of several website domain names registered by Harry and Meghan that incorporate little Lilibet’s name raises concerns that the tot’s royal connections could be exploited for commercial gain – something the Queen has always been very wary of.

Both lilidiana.com and lilibetdiana.com were in the US within a few days of Lilibet’s birth.

The Express’ royal correspondent Richard Palmer was first to note the potential problem of the Queen’s family nickname finding its way onto the birth certificate of a baby whose parents are actively pursuing commercial opportunities in the States.

“I’m not getting the impression there’s much happiness at Windsor Castle about the choice of Lilibet as the baby’s name,” he wrote.

“It may have been an olive branch but there’s sensitivity because of any perceived attempt to use the Queen as part of the Sussex brand.”

Michael Gove's wife Sarah Vine also told the Palace Confidential podcast that she had been contacted by readers who thought it was a "shameless" act by the couple to "stamp the royal name" on the tot.

"I honestly think it feels quite cynical,” she said. “I’m sorry, I just really think it felt quite cynical…

"A lot of people – a lot of readers – emailed me to say they thought it was really shameless that they had done this almost to stamp the royal name on this child’s head, however much they fell out with the family."

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has been no stranger to commercial schemes – most of which have relied on her royal connections to attract customers. As yet, the Palace hasn’t prevented Fergie from hawking juicers, books and ready meals.

But would the palace be quite so lenient if Lili’s name was used in conjunction with any sort of money-spinning outing? asks Ms Elser in News.com.au.

Buckingham Palace could even play the final trump card, she suggests – and “consider using the threat of forcing their Sussex titles into abeyance”.

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