Queens shown great strength with Harry and Meghans shenanigans, says expert

The Queen has shown "what an extraordinary woman she is" over the past year of challenges, a royal expert says.

Prince Philip's death, Prince Andrew's sex scandal and Harry and Meghan’s "shenanigans" have made the last 12 months unlike any other the monarch has faced.

Royal writer Phil Dampier says through it all 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II has acted with "grace and strength", not least at the the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service.

Mr Dampier says that rather than the Queen spending her final years mourning, Philip would have said her to "enjoy the time that is left to her".

The royal expert told Femail: "To cope with her grief while also having to deal with the fallout from the Prince Andrew sex scandal, Harry and Meghan’s shenanigans and Prince Charles’s cash for donors problems show what an extraordinary woman she is.

"It’s incredible to think it’s already a year since we lost Prince Philip.

"The Queen has shown an amazing inner strength, poise and courage in the way she has dealt with his loss."

Mr Dampier added: "We were already used to seeing him on royal jobs without him as he had retired three years earlier.

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"But behind the scenes he was still supporting her and she would have felt his loss immensely."

Saturday marked exactly a year since the Queen was widowed as the Duke died at Windsor Castle just a few months short of his 100th birthday.

Since then, the Queen has had to navigate a very testing 12 months of royal life without him by her side.

Prince Harry could return to the UK without his wife Meghan Markle so as to "stay on board with the Queen," a royal expert has said.

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Richard Palmer said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have gone to great lengths to distinguish between criticism of the monarchy as an institution and the Queen herself, but it would be a safer move for Harry to come home alone.

This comes after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry stepped away from their royal lives in March 2020, when they announced plans to establish themselves independently from the Crown.

Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer told the Express's Royal Round-Up that he expected a solo return for the Queen's grandson.

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