Queen’s ‘subtle dig’ at Harry and Meghan unearths ‘red flag’ years later

'Red flags' were raised about Meghan and Harry's position in the Royal Family three years ago, experts say.

Royal writer at News AU Daniela Elser claims to have spotted Prince Harry's reduced status in the Firm when arriving at Ascot 2018.

The Duke of Sussex arrived at the races with his new wife in the third carriage despite previously arriving in the first carriage with the Queen in 2016.

Elser explained: "In June 2016, there alongside his grandmother in the first carriage was Prince Harry.

"That year was one that had only seen his stature in the royal firmament grow, with the Duke being tasked by his grandmother to undertake his first solo overseas tour on her behalf several months later."

However, according to the expert's analysis, things switched up dramatically for the Prince in 2018, who had been granted the honour of riding with his grandmother, just two years before – one which has not been given to the heir to the throne, Prince William.

She adds: "This time, he and Meghan had been shunted to the third carriage, alongside Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

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"Ahead of the Sussexes in the second carriage were Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall along with cousins Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie."

The change in status went seemingly unnoticed as reports mainly focused on Meghan Markle's outfit but the couple recently brought to light tensions in the family which started as early as wedding planning.

The Duchess of Sussex was asked in the bombshell Oprah interview earlier this year about claims she had made the Duchess of Cambridge cry from reports made around a dispute over bridesmaids dresses.

But Meghan hit back, saying the "reverse happened" and that Kate made her cry.

The former Suits actress said she did not want to be “disparaging to anyone” and claimed Kate apologised with flowers and a note “to take accountability”.

It was not a “confrontation” and it would not be “fair” to Kate to go into detail, she said, adding it was “hard to get over” being blamed for something she did not do.

Meghan said “everyone in the institution knew that wasn’t true” and she hoped Kate “would have wanted that to be corrected”, adding “she is a good person”.

The Palace has been contacted for comment.

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