Rainy forecast leads to another boating advisory for Calgary’s rivers

Calgarians can expect more rain in the coming days. Environment Canada is forecasting almost an entire week of rain clouds and that means water on the Bow and Elbow rivers is expected to rise.

The City of Calgary issued yet another spring boating advisory for the rivers on Thursday, saying officials expect “higher than expected flow rates.”

“No flooding over riverbanks is expected, however, flows on the Bow and Elbow are expected to increase significantly due to anticipated precipitation,” the city said.

“This will make conditions on and near the rivers more dangerous.”

People are advised against boating or any other activity on the rivers, and Calgary Fire Department will have members patrolling both rivers through the duration of the advisory.

Officials are also reminding people to be careful while spending time near the rivers and offered the following safety tips:

  • Exercise caution around river banks as the fast-moving water can cause erosion and destabilization of river banks
  • Warn their children about the dangers of fast-moving water, particularly those residents who live near the rivers
  • Cyclists and pedestrians should watch for low-lying areas where the river can submerge the pathways
  • Keep pets away from fast moving water
  • Remove lawn furniture and other portable items off the river bank

Anyone using Calgary’s waterways are encouraged to be up to speed on the city’s safety bylaws and safety alerts listed online at calgary.ca/watersafety.

They can also check flow levels at rivers.alberta.ca.

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