Randy disease-ridden ultra-rats as big as rabbits set to storm UK homes

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Randy 'ultra-rats' will try to storm Brits' homes in a matter of weeks as temperatures begin to plummet.

The wild rodents have basked in a balmy record-breaking summer which has allowed them to breed like rabbits which some have even become the size of.

Experts from Gardening Express say that the heatwaves and the abundance of food from uncollected rubbish and leftovers have provided the ideal conditions for an invasion of giant ultra-rats this autumn.

Brits have been urged to take extra precautions to protect their homes from the massive disease-ridden rodents which have swelled in size as a result of leftover energy fuelling body mass.

Their growth also means that rats are breeding more than ever, producing up to 72 babies a year which are then ready to breed themselves within a week.

As their usual food sources will dwindle, temperatures will drop, and since there are a lot less burrows for them to seek shelter in thanks to the drought, these unwanted pests are likely to have their sights set on people’s homes and gardens.

Chris Bonnett, the founder of Gardening Express said: “It is time to protect your garden, and home, now. When rats get hungry, they will eat virtually anything – even dog poo, so you really don’t want these randy infested ultra-rats around.

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“Some of the imperative measures to take to protect yourself and your home are laying preventive scents around your home and clearing any rubbish, debris and garden waste that’s accumulated during summer.”

Gardening Express' top tips to guard up against rats include:

  • Check your garden for any sources of food
  • Clear any rubbish, debris and garden waste that may be accumulated ready for disposal
  • Bird tables are notorious for attracting vermin
  • Make sure there are no areas rats can easily shelter in
  • Protect pet food

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  • Check your drains
  • Cut off water access
  • Protect your compost heap
  • Keep an eye on your greenhouse
  • Use scents
  • Consider traps and baits

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