Randy tortoise who survived being hit by 90mph train was looking for love

The escaped giant tortoise that caused travel chaos in Norfolk on Monday after getting stuck on train tracks was "looking for love" his owner says.

The hefty ten-stone reptile survived after wandering onto the track on Monday and being struck by a high-speed train.

Clyde escaped his home at Swallow Aquatics in East Harling on Sunday and over the next two days managed to crawl a quarter of a mile before ending up on the track.

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The lonesome tortoise needed treatment from a vet after suffering a fractured shell.

A spokesperson from Greater Anglia Railways said: "Our team took it to a local reptile specialist and one crew member has been keeping in touch with them.

"At the moment we understand Clyde is undergoing surgery as he was quite badly injured when he was struck by a train, which has left a hole in part of his shell."

Dillon Prest, the manager of Swallow Aquatics, said that Clyde – who is believed to be in his twenties – was probably just looking for a girlfriend.

Dillon, 50, took Clyde in as a rescue after a local family said they could no longer care for him.

"I think he smashed his way out to freedom because he wanted to find a girl tortoise," he told MailOnline.

"I guess he just wanted some female company, and he thought that Norwich was the right place to find some."

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"He is an incredibly tough creature and he seemed remarkably unfazed," Dillon said. "He was still walking along the track when we found him, despite being hit by the train."

Randy Clyde has now been given antibiotics and remains at the vets where he is being cared for as he makes his recovery.

Greater Anglia said at the time: "It's definitely the first time we have heard of a tortoise on the line."

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