Rapper granny ‘Toothless Cindy’ goes viral for hilarious performance on bus

A hilarious video shows a rapper grandmother known as "Toothless Cindy" singing on a bus with a loudspeaker and a microphone before the footage went viral.

The clip lasts almost two minutes and in each verse she shows enormous creativity when it comes to rapping.

She raps about her current situation in search of opportunities, saying she is not a criminal.

The cheeky gran also makes crude digs at her husband for being ugly and farting, amongst other subjects.

Challenging stereotypes to become a female rapper, she also shows that age is not a limit – prompting many people to show in the comments that they see her as an inspiration.

The granny is originally a Venezuelan refugee looking for a new life in the city of Bogota, capital of Colombia, located in the north of South America, where she was filmed performing on October 15.

Predictably, her antis were a huge hit when they were shared on social media.

User Andrea Nino said: "My country, full of surprises, and creativity.

"All my money for hearing more about the husband's stories, and laughing with her."

User Kjjandrea also added: "What a good vibe, it can be seen see is enjoying it, the funniest is when she laughs at the farts of her partner."

Not much is known about the rapper granny, apart from reports that she is a Venezuelan citizen who came to the country in search of opportunities.

The economy in Venezuela is in the state of total economic collapse, with regular blackouts, food shortages and disease forcing an estimated 3 million citizens to leave since the crisis began, with many walking out on foot.

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