Residents anger at puke green pavement painting they say looks like Shrek

Residents at a UK seaside town have blasted their council for painting their pavement "puke green" and compared the colour of the eyesore to "Shrek ".

Councillor Louie O’Leary has been left outraged by the peculiar revamp based on the historic harbour in Weymouth, Dorset.

Locals have also pleaded with Dorset Council to remove the "vile" paint and return the footpath to its original look.

The controversial pathway comes as part of a seven-month-long project to resurface and enhance the street scene.

But Cllr O'Leary slammed the footpath and said: "I've raised the Shrek coloured Quay with the cabinet member for highways. It's disgusting.

"I was the only member of the south and west area planning committee to vote against the current harbour scheme last year and feel very vindicated in doing so."

While some locals said it made the harbour look like a “playground” and asked why they were prohibited from making their own improvements, reports The Sun.

Resident Aaron Grant Jones commented: "You can't modernise your windows along there, but you can paint the pavement puke green? Solid logic."

Another person joked: "When they said they wanted everyone and everything to go green, someone at the council took the idea quite literally."

"Walked along it yesterday. It was vile, incredibly uninviting," commented William Evans.

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However, some residents believe the new look could have a positive impact on the harbour and said it would “enhance” the area.

It has been reported that the route for the new footways was blocked off for months while work was being carried out.

The works commenced in October last year and included the widening of a footway, the installation of drainage channels, roads resurfaced and kerbs being realigned.

Dorset Council said it will add benches along the footway, put up signs, reinstate bollards and conclude lining work over the next month.

The project is now expected to be completed on May 27.

Dorset Council has been contacted for comment.

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