Robbers loot from abandoned hotel as urban explorers mistaken for burglars

A group of urban explorers have revealed the moment they were taken in for questioning by cops after being mistaken for burglars.

The photographers behind the Městský průzkum-Urban ExplorationFacebook page claim they were visiting a disused hotel to take photographs when they were stopped by police and accused of stealing 'creepy' furnishings from the building.

The Czech explorers shared a selection of pictures of the vibrant barn-style Hotel Florián on January 31, recalling their visit as they passed by other explorers with bags walking through.

But soon they were stopped by cops and a hysterical German owner before being taken in for statements as the place was getting 'slowly robbed' at the same time.

They explained: "We explained to the police that we were only taking pictures here. They saw photos and cameras had nothing to add.

"But the owner was really too hysterical and insisted that we came to the hotel in a violent way and stole her creepy furniture.

"We really didn't understand that and neither did the police. One of them was already so angry that he kicked the chair and yelled at the owner. What? We don't know that, none of us knew German.

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"Nothing could be done, the cops had to take us to the police station because the owner insisted on it.

"But it was obvious that they were not really happy about it. We arrived at the station and waited to see what happened.

"Suddenly a policeman came and gave us another policeman who knew Czech on the phone.

"He told us that they totally understand that we were just taking pictures here and didn't break anywhere, but that the owner was hysterical and insisted on the recording.

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"We signed some papers. In the meantime, a friend took a picture at the station and then the policemen sent us home with a smile and wished us a safe journey."

They also claimed that it was possible that they were mistaken for some of the other visitors on the property.

However, the case has since been dropped since they visited in Easter last year, allowing the photographers to show their images for fans to gush over.

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One user said: "This used to be a beautiful place…. even though a lot of furniture from the room was missing…"

Another added: "Great photos. You had beautiful lighting."

A third commented: "When we were there we heard something about the police and the owner, but fortunately we didn't meet anyone there and took pictures of their own."

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