Rotten turkeys from supermarkets force Brits to eat Christmas beans on toast

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    Hungry and appalled Brits have had their Christmas feasts ruined after discovering they had been sold rotten and mouldy turkeys and vegetables by some of UK's major supermarket chains.

    As perpetrations for the big lunch get underway and turkeys are taken out to defrost, several customers from Aldi, Lidl and Tesco have discovered their birds are rank and festering, crushing their hopes of spending the afternoon lying about with a full belly in food comas.

    Many outraged customers have taken to social media to complain about their dirty birds, with one angry dad saying his family will now have to eat beans on toast as a result.

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    At around 6.30am on Christmas day, the dad shared a picture of his clammy turkey and tweeted: "What the bloody hell @sainsburys My turkey is rotten Christmas ruined Kids are crying We now have to have beans on toast An absolute disgrace".

    In another gross Christmas morning discovery, another chap posted a picture of his "fowl" turkey, but planned to eat it all the same. He wrote: "It's all I've got, so I'm going to cook my rotten turkey anyway."

    A woman who purchased a bird from Lidl and discovered it was off when she went to defrost it on Christmas eve tweeted that the rotten turkey had stunk out her home.

    She commented: " Literally what the hell is this…. Just defrosted my Turkey from @LidlGB… Christmas ruined. It’s Xmas eve… this is actually a joke. Not only is there no meat the house smells of rotten meat. Not acceptable."

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    Another woman who bought her turkey from Sainsburys on Christmas Eve also made the grim discovery that her bird was inedible on defrosting.

    On Christmas Eve she posted a picture of her disgusting bird which had blackened in part and wrote: "Bought a Turkey less than 5 hours ago from @sainsburys opened it to give a soak overnight and it’s absolutely stinks. I’m so gutted. An complete waste thanks"

    Another disgruntled Brit with Christmas lunch ruined tweeted: "Never buying a turkey from aldi again its f***** rotten that’s the dinner ruined for tomorrow"

    It's not just rancid Turkeys the supermarkets are selling either.

    One fellow posted a snap of a bag of putrid Brussel sprouts on Twitter and wrote: "@Tesco nice mouldy slimy cheers Tesco".

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    In perhaps one of the most horrific discoveries to ruin the family Christmas lunch, one mum who had supplies delivered from Tesco, found her turkey complete with a "demon" head still attached that while skinned, came with a beak and giblets, Daily Star reported.

    A fellow Tesco shopper had her Christmas lunch destroyed after baking her turkey joint in what looked like silver baking foil that had been inserted into the packaging incorrectly, leaving a vile-looking layer of gunk on the now inedible turkey.


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