Royal butler explains how Kate Middleton different to other royals in private

A former royal butler has explained how Kate Middleton is different behind closed doors when compared to other members of the Royal Family.

Grant Harrold worked for King Charles III for seven years and saw the early stages of Prince William and Kate’s relationship after the pair met in university halls at just 19.

For him, the most shocking thing about the pair’s blossoming relationship was just how normal it was, the Mirror reports.

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He said: "[They weren't] any different to anyone else, it’s mad saying that when you think about who they are, but there wasn’t anything different.”

He explained how Kate, who back then was not a royal, would be completely at ease with the family’s staff.

"What I liked was that Kate, being a girlfriend and obviously not a member of the family, would be with me and the other staff and she was so polite, friendly and fun, and making jokes,” he said.

"I remember there were days I had off where I’d be running an errand or I’d left something up at Highgrove [House] and they were around, so you’d just catch up with them.

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"It was always fun and it was always nice that I got on so well with them because they’d then ask me to travel the country with them."

Grant explained how much he enjoyed working the incredible job and had genuinely enjoyed the relationships he built with the royals – and the amazement it caused his mates.

"When my phone used to go off and it was William, all my friends would be like 'that’s so cool', but to me it was normal. That was the relationship I had with them," he said.

"I think it was really special and not unusual, actually, because in a private home you’re expected to get on with the family. As for the younger members of the family, you’re not employed by them, but you end up having a relationship with them as well.

"There are very few people that the royals actually get to know, so you do feel lucky that you were trusted with that.”

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