Royal family bewildered by the Sussexes naming Lilibet after Queens nickname

Some members of the Royal Family found it "rather presumptuous" when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry called their child Lilibet after the Queen's nickname, it has been claimed.

Gyles Brandreth wrote in his upcoming book ‘Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait’ that the family thought the name choice was “bewildering” and couldn’t understand why the Duke and Duchess thought it was a good choice for their daughter.

However, according to the biography, the Queen both approved of and loved the name Lilibet, reportedly saying it was “very pretty and seems just right”.

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Lilibet was the pet name for Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Whilst the nickname was well known it was only used by very few people outside of her immediate family.

Brandreth, the author of the book and very close friend to the late Prince Philip, made these claims in his upcoming book with the claims published in the Mail on Sunday.

He claims that Harry sought his grandmother’s permission to use her nickname for her 11th great-grandchild. Rather than go behind her back, this was reportedly an open discussion.

Brandreth also mentioned that the Queen’s recollection was actually a little different. Apparently, Harry told her that the couple wanted to call the baby Lilibet in her honour and she accepted their choice graciously, taking it as a compliment as intended.

Other members of the family didn’t see it that way, according to the author.

They called it “presumptuous", suggesting it could be to get back in the good books after leaving the Royal Family and doing the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

He wrote: “Others in the family found the choice ‘bewildering’ and ‘rather presumptuous’, given that ‘Lilibet’ as a name had always been intimately and exclusively the Queen’s.

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After the naming, however, the Queen heard they were nicknaming the new arrival ‘Lili’, which she thought was “just right”.

The Queen met her great-granddaughter in June this year during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, where Harry and Meghan returned to England from their California home.

Brandreth also claimed the Queen did everything possible to welcome the Duchess of Sussex into the family.

He claims she was devoted to Harry and truly wished the couple well on their decision to live a new life abroad.

The royal biographer says he never head any disapproval of Meghan mentioned by the Queen and that the only concern she let slip was to wonder if Harry was “perhaps a little over-in-love”.

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