Russia is rattled! Kremlin rocked by Boris Johnsons refusal to back down against Putin

GB News: Russian sanctions to cost Britons 'lots of money'

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The former Ambassador to the United States and to Germany argued that Russia has long viewed the United Kingdom as the “awkward squad” and that had not changed in light of Boris Johnson’s strong condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine. But since the start of the conflict, Moscow has repeatedly singled out the United Kingdom with its explosive rhetoric.

Sir Christopher told GB News: “I think that the Russians have been really rattled by some of the things that we’ve been saying about they the Russians and he Putin.

“Because there is no explanation for the picking us out of all other European countries.

“One has to say that historically, the relationship with France and Germany has always been a much warmer relationship with Moscow.

“And we have been the outliers for a very long time, not only during the period of Russia, but during the whole period of the Soviet Union.

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“We were often picked out downfall particular obloquy, because we were the awkward squad and we are proving to be the awkward squad again,” he added. 

“And if I may say so from an earlier moment, compare with France and with Germany and other continental European countries we’ve told it like it is.”

Mr Johnson told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that “the British people stand fully behind the Ukrainian people” when the pair spoke on Sunday afternoon.

Downing Street said the Prime Minister told his counterpart that “international support and admiration for President Zelensky and the whole of Ukraine grows every day”.

GB News: Russian sanctions to cost Britons 'lots of money'

A No 10 spokesperson said: “The leaders discussed the increasing threat Russia’s barbaric attacks pose to Ukrainian civilians and the Prime Minister underlined the UK’s determination to ensure Putin fails.”

The PM spoke about the support offered by the UK and his six-point plan outlined over the weekend, and the spokesperson said: “The leaders discussed the urgent needs of the Ukrainian armed forces and the Prime Minister undertook to work with partners to provide further defensive equipment.

“The Prime Minister and President Zelensky also discussed the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine, precipitated by Russia’s indiscriminate attacks and ceasefire breaches.”

Mr Johnson has also defended the UK’s response to the crisis, adding “we want to go as fast as we possibly can” in imposing sanctions and “there is more to be done”, with nothing off the table.

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The Prime Minister told reporters on Monday: “I don’t think anybody, looking at what is going on at the moment, could credibly say that the UK has been a backmarker in this.

“Don’t forget, we were the first country in Europe to offer military assistance to the Ukrainians for their own self-defence.

“We were the country that led the world on Swift, on freezing the assets of the Russian Central Bank – look at the impact that that is having already in Russia, their stock market still isn’t open today.

“I think they weren’t expecting the levels of Western unity and the extent of the sanctions that we’re imposing,”

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