Russia launches supersonic missile test with ‘aircraft carrier-killer’ in sea

Russia has reportedly launched a supersonic missile test in the Black Sea as tensions continue to soar in Ukraine over a possible invasion.

The Russian navy conducted the supersonic anti-ship cruise missile exercise for the first time in modern history, according to East2West News.

It comes as two Royal Navy warships are set to arrive and also coincided with the first visit by a US Coast Guard patrol cutter in 13 years.

Russian authorities said the missile was fired by the cruiser Moskva.

The country was condemned by the US for sealing off a large area of the sea with 20 ships and blocking foreign vessels during the launch, writes local media.

Footage of the drill was released by the Defense Ministry to show its success.

“The Black Sea Fleet’s Moskva missile cruiser for the first time in recent history fired the Vulkan missile with the ship’s Bazalt main missile system in the waters of the Black Sea,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a tweet.

Earlier this week, the US Coast Guard cutter Hamilton entered the Black Sea.

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“These missiles are the reason why our cruiser is called ‘aircraft carrier-killer,’” a Zvezda correspondent said from the deck during the launch, the Moscow Times reported.

The flex by the Russian navy comes as the crisis between Kremlin and Ukraine has been said that has the potential to turn into a "real war", an expert has warned.

Fears that tensions between the two countries exploding into warfare follow Russia amassing around 100,000 troops close to the border.

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However, a number of units were reportedly ordered back to their bases on Thursday.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed they had shown their ability “to provide a credible defence” for Russia.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin believes the US is not prepared ”for a new conflict in Ukraine", Victor Andrusiv, Executive director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future said.

But he added: “All that said, the Russians may also be considering a military invasion into Ukraine.

“The show of force on Ukraine’s border could turn into a real war.”

Fighting along the 1,500miles-long border between Ukraine and Russia has raged since 2014.

It's believed around 14,000 people have died so far as part of the fighting.

The situation is yet to de-escalate as Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov warned Russia would follow up Ukrainian aggression “not with a shot in the leg, but in the face".

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