Russia mocked for promo video boasting beautiful women and no cancel culture

A bizarre promotional video reportedly intended to encourage emigration to Russia has been mocked.

The video entitled 'Time to Move to Russia', features a gravelly voiceover that sounds comedic and a monotonous listing of national qualities that feels satirical.

Viewers have been baffled by the 53 second clip, which was tweeted by the Russian embassy in Spain, as they try to work out whether it is a parody or actually serious.

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The tweet, posted on Monday, featured the title of the video followed by white, blue and red hearts of the Russian flag.

The video features glossy stock footage of typical Russian scenes ranging from wholesome visuals of children running through fields and Russian cuisine to monuments like the All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

But it soon drops any pretence of being sincere as the reasons to move to Russia are listed as "cheap gas", "no cancel culture" and "an economy that can withstand thousands of sanctions."

It is unclear as to whether the clip is an official Kremlin production, as it ends with a timely reminder to European leaders: "Don't delay… winter is coming."

The video also promotes the "rich history, world famous literature, unique architecture, ballet and hospitality" of Russia in a manner that makes the country look quite appealing.

It also boasts of Russia's "traditional values" and "Christianity" and lists "beautiful women" as another feature of the pariah state.

Russia's "cheap taxi and delivery, cheap electricity and water" and "vodka" are also celebrated in the clip.

The response on social media has been a mixture of withering and supportive, although given the Kremlin's alleged troll armies it is always difficult to know if the positive messages are genuine.

"Beautiful women? Aren't there any good looking men?" one Twitter user asked.

"No cancel culture, just gulag," another one commented.

A Spanish user observed that the video spouted the same program as Vox, the Spanish far-right political party.

"They fail to mention the violation of human rights, the violation of international law, not to mention that it is the country in which peaceful protest is punished with several years in jail, where if you are an opponent of the regime they execute you with Polonium or with two bullets,'" one user writes.

A plethora of comedy videos have been cut by internet users playing the same audio over different clips of the darker underbelly of Russia.

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Some enterprising re-edits include passed out men on a horse-drawn wagon for "cheap taxi and delivery" and children dressed up as invader 'Z' tanks for "traditional values".

The emigration drive comes at a tough time for Russia as its population shrinks and its life expectancy is one of the lowest in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-ordination and Development), at just 65.1 years in 2013.


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