Russia running out of troops and equipment as catastrophic war hits 100 days

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Vladimir Putin's Russian army is running out of troops and military equipment in what has been branded the "biggest catastrophe" in modern warfare.

It is 100 days since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, but the war has ground to a bloody stalemate despite Putin's aim to bring a swift end to the conflict.

At the start of the war it appeared Russia might sweep through Ukraine in a matter of days, but it has now ground to a "state of attrition", according to one expert.

Russia expert Anders Aslund told the Sun: "At the 100-day mark, the war is at a stalemate. Ukraine has all the soldiers it can possibly need, it can mobilise up to one million men.

"Russia, on the other hand, has a shortage of soldiers. Because this is not technically a war, Putin cannot legally send in conscripts.

"For Ukraine, on the other hand, they will soon run out of ammunition and heavy artillery.

"Russia has piles and piles of artillery. Even though they have lost a lot of armed vehicles, tanks, and airplanes, this has now become an artillery war."

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Russia altered its military strategy in March as it became apparent the war would not have a swift end, moving its troops away from Ukraine's capital Kyiv and concentrating on the east of the country.

Putin's troops had become bogged down after trying to siege control of Mariupol, which would see horrific claims of war crimes along with the city of Bucha.

Russia's faltering war effort has also been coupled with reports of the despot president's failing health.

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Rumours of ill-health include terminal cancer and Parkinson's disease, while the Daily Star reported Putin might be dead with a body double taking his place, according to sources in MI6.

Ukraine's military has claimed that more than 30,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war so far, which would be more than double the casualties suffered in the nine-year Soviet-Afghan War in the 1980s.

Morale in the Russian army is said to be low, with reports the troops are running low on supplies and living in shocking conditions.

It has left Putin's position "weak" according to Aslund, with the corpses of at least 6,000 Russian soldiers abandoned by their comrades reportedly in Ukrainian morgues.

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The expert dismissed Russia's military strategy as one of the biggest military blunders in modern history.

Polish military intelligence specialist added to Sun Online: "It is more than likely that Russia has also been suffering from significant morale problems and that its commandeering structures have been degraded, but that is not recent.

"This is something that has been happening since day three of the war when Russian attacks started stalling."

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