Russia TV host demands Putin sends Boris a present and strike Kyiv during PMs visit

Boris Johnson called a 'clown' in furious Russian tv rant

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Korotchenko told Russia1: “Well of course I cannot fail to mention those antics from Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister of the UK.”

When reminded that Mr Johnson is still Britain’s Prime Minister, he snaps: “Listen! He’s gone, we can see that the man’s gone rogue.

“He’s a Russophobe and he is behaving in such a way that one just wants to translate for him into English the well-known Russian proverb ‘force a fool to pray to God and he’ll be prepared to smash his forehead.’

“We have here this British clown who has completely lost touch with reality and is posturing as a brave soldier, ready to take on the Russian army.

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“If you are so brave why not visit the frontline in Donbas instead of flying to Kyiv and train Ukrainian servicemen there, or foreign mercenaries, including British ones.

“And as for Johnson’s intention to visit Kyiv one last time, the best present we can give him would be to launch a Kalibr cruise missile inscribed with the words ‘Hasta la vista baby!’ against a target in Kyiv.

“I am not saying we should target Johnson himself, I don’t want him to crap his pants and people to start accusing me of calling for the assassination of England’s leader.

“But there should be a strike against some military facility in Kyiv when he’s there.”

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The Kremlin says it is engaged in a “special military operation” to demilitarise and “denazify” Ukraine. Both Kyiv and Western nations say the war is an unprovoked act of aggression.

Thousands of civilians have died and millions have fled during the war. 

Russian artillery barrages and air strikes have pulverised cities.

With Western weapons boosting the Ukrainians, Putin’s forces are making slow progress but they are believed to be readying for a new push in the east.

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Ukraine said on Monday its forces had used U.S-supplied HIMARS rocket systems to destroy 50 Russian ammunition depots since receiving the weapons last month.

Russia did not comment but its Defence Ministry said its forces had destroyed an ammunition depot for HIMARS systems.

Russia will cut gas supplies to Europe once again in a blow to countries that have supported Ukraine, just as there was hope that economic pressures could ease this week with the resumption of Black Sea grain exports.

The first ships from Ukraine may set sail in days under a deal agreed on Friday, the United Nations said, despite a Russian air strike on the weekend against the Ukrainian port of Odesa.

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