Russian army in RUINS: Putin troops now significantly weaker – £38bn funding blitz fails

Ukrainian military release footage of strikes on Russian forces

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According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia’s military budget had surged to $65.9 billion (£52,627,344,600) in 2021. The budget had more than doubled from 2005, where Russia had spent $27.34b (£21,833,559,960).

Now, the UK’s Ministry of Defence has said Moscow’s military splurged had failed to see them “dominate” Ukraine.

They said: “Russia’s defence budget approximately doubled between 2005 and 2018, with investment in several high-end air, land and sea capabilities. 

“From 2008 this underpinned the expansive military modernisation programme New Look.

“However, the modernisation of its physical equipment has not enabled Russia to dominate Ukraine. 

“Failures both in strategic planning and operational execution have left it unable to translate numerical strength into decisive advantage.

‘Russia’s military is now significantly weaker, both materially and conceptually, as a result of its invasion of Ukraine. Recovery from this will be exacerbated by sanctions. 

“This will have a lasting impact on Russia’s ability to deploy conventional military force.”


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