Russian forces suffer devastating losses as up to 200 killed in battle

Russian army 'annihilated' if they launch nuclear attack says Borrell

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A Russian unit suffered horrific losses and was almost wiped out after a fierce battle near the city of Donetsk in the Donbas. The mobilised soldiers had been drafted from the Buryat Republic in eastern Siberia. As Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine approaches its ninth month, the Russian army finds itself on the retreat on two fronts.

Ukraine’s army is advancing in the Donbas to the east and in Kherson province to the south.

Russia’s battlefield defeats have forced the Kremlin to shake up its military command and introduce a nationwide mobilisation.

One mobilised unit from the Buryat Republic in eastern Siberia was sent to boost troop numbers in the Donbas on September 13.

A video posted to social media shows the enlisted men performing the Yohor, a national dance, as they prepare to head to the front.

Just two weeks later most of them were killed after a fierce battle near the eastern city of Donetsk.

Oles Filonenko, a Russian analyst, tweeted: “On September 13, mobilised men went to war from Buryatia. They dance the national dance Yohor.

“On September 26, this battalion was defeated near Donetsk.

“According to various sources, from 180 to 200 people died, up to 170 were injured.

“Only those bodies that were identified were delivered to Buryatia.”

The Russian army has suffered “irrecoverable losses” during its ill-fated war in Ukraine.

A source from the Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB) told iStories that Putin’s army had lost more than 90,000 soldiers in Ukraine since the beginning of the war in February.

These included troops who were killed, went missing, died from wounds or were disabled and cannot return to military service.

The huge number of casualties have created problems for the Russian army , when it comes to storing dead bodies that are awaiting identification.

A paratroop regiment was forced to preserve bodies in a local swimming pool filled with formaldehyde after their morgue reached its capacity.

Social media user @VDV_Textbooks, an expert on Russian airborne forces, wrote: “Trusted VDV source described the situation with Russian unidentified casualties.

“Commanders have to visit Rostov identification centre morgue formaldehyde-filled SWIMMING pool.

“Local workers claim they have lost count and there can even be found casualties from Kherson battle in March.”


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There appears to be no let-up in Russian casualties, with reports emerging of hospitals struggling to cope with the injured.

Ukraine’s General Staff claimed that Russian hospitals are so poorly equipped and staffed that over 50 percent of the in cured end up dead.

In their Saturday morning bulletin, they wrote: “Hospitals are overcrowded in the city of Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region.

“According to information from local residents, civilians are not accepted in hospitals due to the workload of doctors and the lack of beds.

“Due to the low quality of medical care and the refusal of the command of the Russian occupying forces to evacuate the seriously wounded to the territory of Russia, the mortality rate among them exceeds 50 percent.”

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