Russian ghost tank kept moving in circles after crew wiped out by Ukraine

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    Footage has captured a Russian tank that was left spinning in an endless loop after the crew were injured or killed by Ukrainian forces.

    A clip of the now-dubbed "ghost tank" shows the military vehicle leaving circles in the mud after the engine continued to run following the attack.

    The video has since gained over 27,000 likes and 3,000 retweets after being shared to the Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

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    In the caption, the account wrote: "A Russian T-80BV tank was hit by Ukrainian fire, losing a track and with the crew killed/wounded.

    "But the engine was still running, leading to a never-ending collection of circles."

    It is thought the tank will continue in this pattern until it has run out of fuel as Eastern European news outlet Visegrád 24 tweeted: "This is a so-called 'ghost tank'.

    "The Russian tank was hit by the Ukrainians, lost one of it tracks and its crew was either killed or severely wounded.

    "However, its engine kept running. It will continue running in circles until it runs out of fuel."

    Twitter users have taken to the replies to praise Ukrainian troops for their defence but have also compared it to other circle-based memes.

    One user wrote: "Good work [Ukraine flag]"

    Another added: "There is now an end to the mystery surrounding extraterrestrial crop circles."

    A third commented: "Russian Zombie tanks!"

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    Others compared it to buffering and even a baby possum gif.

    The news comes after dozens of Russian men set to be mobilised in Ukraine tied the knot with their partners in a mass wedding before heading off to war.

    Footage from a ceremony in St Petersburg last week shows couples lined up to take their vows simultaneously as part of a 'fast-tracked' wedding.

    Around 43 couples, were wedded in groups of 10, during the unique ceremony.


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