Russian Playboy model sacked by Putin whinges Ukraine war stopped holiday plans

A jet-setting Playboy model who Vladimir Putin once sacked for nude snaps has moaned Russia's war on Ukraine cancelled her birthday plans.

Anna Anufrieva was hoping to celebrate her 30th birthday away from her native Tyumen, Siberia but has instead been forced to find a more local alternative.

The former civil servant was left homeless in 2019 when bosses saw racy photos she sent to Playboy magazine and fired her from a 'secret' day job.

Since the stressful nightmare she found herself in, Anna has shown off to her 7,000 Instagram followers exotic holiday photos including a sun-drenched trip to Cuba.

Plans to head abroad again this year however have been dashed by Putin's war on Ukraine which comments made on Telegram suggest she is supportive of.

Anna said: "Before the military special operation, I wanted to go to Hungary, to Budapest or to Turkey, to Istanbul. At least somewhere, but not in Tyumen. Better not in Russia. And now I want. But I soberly understand that it will not work."

Sadly for Anna she cannot think of anywhere worth visiting without leaving the country which she considers to be "the same and flawed", in a confession she has asked her "Motherland" to forgive.

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She deliberated: "Altai Lake Teletskoe was an alternative option. Crimea – Olenevka, Sochi. But it's May – it's cold to swim. The last two options do not excite.

"And Altai generally seems to be retired. And here's the question. Where then to go?

"Where in Russia can be interesting, warm, beautiful, festive and delicious? Tell me. Because in my opinion – except for Moscow and St. Petersburg (may my Motherland forgive me) everywhere is pretty the same and flawed."

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Anna previously shared a photo of a building draped in the Pro-Putin letter 'Z' and considered another world where Russia would be backed for waging war on Ukraine.

Propaganda in Russia has tried to conceal the reality of what soldiers are really doing in its neighbouring country, while justifying the "special military operation" by claiming it is to tackle Nazism.

She wrote: "Do you know that somewhere in a parallel universe the whole world supports Russia and the whole West has united against neo-Nazism."

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