Russians are living in s**t with poverty everywhere, says Soviet film star

Many Russians are living in 's**t' with 'poverty everywhere,' a top Soviet-era actress has claimed.

Reports of Russia struggling under the strain of sanctions imposed upon it by the majority of Western nations due to the invasion of Ukraine have been running rampant for the last few weeks.

President Vladimir Putin even admitted that his country was finding the “constant pressure of endless sanctions” tough to take.

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But now a Polish actress living in Russia – who is famous for starring in pro-Soviet films in the 70s and 80s – has shed some light on the matter in comments published by several pro-Putin news outlets.

Barbara Brylska, who has spent the majority of the latter years of her career as a stage actress in Russia, told Russian news outlet Star Hit: “Russians must understand that it is impossible to live in this s**t they live in.

“The rest of the people, look how they live in Omsk, Novosibirsk.

“We arrive there, and I'm scared to get off the plane.

“There is poverty everywhere, it is impossible to live there.

She made the comments in support of fellow outspoken colleague Leah Akhedzhakova, who slammed Russia – despite claiming her love for it.

Calling it her “ugly Motherland,” she said: “We like her, even though she's not pretty.

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“I'm 84 years old . . .I'm not going anywhere, I'm here to survive all this.

“I have been living here for too long.”

The comments from Brylska angered Russian leaders so much that they have removed her role from a Russian film currently playing in Russian cinemas, Star Hit reports.

Russian politician Olga Zanko said: “For an actor, the worst punishment is oblivion.

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“The actress Brylska, once beloved by the whole country, made her choice, calling her fans 'God-damned people'.

“Our country gave her glory and honour, but we can also easily erase this actress from the film Irony of Fate.”

Both actresses now appear to have been excommunicated from the Russian acting scene.

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