Russias plans for stealth invasion of Baltic states laid bare – ‘NATO will see nothing’

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A former Russian General Staff and air force officer has detailed a potential scenario for Russia to invade the Baltic states using a map while appearing on TV. This news comes as NATO soldiers have taken part in military exercises near the Russian border.

Colonel Igor Korotchenko explained the plan using a map as a guide, saying: “This is how the scenario for capturing the Baltic countries might look.

“A massive Russian radio-electronic strike is inflicted…[causing] all NATO radars [to] go blind and see nothing.

“At this time, on the Swedish island Gotland, Russian military planes land delivering S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, and Bastion coastal anti-ship systems.

“They are deployed – and for now no one knows or sees anything.

“The West wonders: ‘Why do we see nothing? What happened to our radars?’”

While Sweden has traditionally been a neutral power, it is possible Russia would try to seize the strategically placed Gotland in order to help take over the Baltic.

The colonel then elaborated that the Russians would push out from the Kaliningrad enclave towards the Suwalki corridor so that Poland would be unable to provide reinforcements.

He continued describing the plan: “The astonished West and NATO will know that Russia declares a no-fly zone of 400km.

“Those few special forces troops of Canada, UK, Germany and the USA, in the Baltic [will be] surrounded [and] lay down their arms.”

The planned final outcome would be the Baltic states swearing allegiance to Moscow while Sweden agrees to a 99 percent lease on Gotland.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were part of the Soviet Union until its collapse in the 1990s and are now NATO members.

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There are now worries that Putin will try to seize back control there as he is attempting to in Ukraine.

The TV programme with the invasion scenario was first broadcast in Russia at the end of last year but has recently been shared by Ukrainian government advisor Anton Gerashchenko.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has warned Putin that NATO will retaliate if he threatens the alliance.

Mr Javid told Sky News: “If just a single toe cap of a Russian soldier steps into NATO territory then it would be war with NATO.”

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