SAS troops banned from playing footie after too many got injured outside combat

SAS troopers have been banned from playing football following a spate of injuries.

Senior commanders kicked off when they realised more men were hurt playing the beautiful game than fighting terrorists.

Some of the injured had to be evacuated from war zones and at least one needed a medical discharge after a nasty injury.

A source told us: “Like everything the SAS does, exercise is full-on and very competitive.

“But guys started picking up injuries after every game. You’d finish a game of football and a couple of guys would limp off and then an hour or so later they could barely walk.”

The SAS are said to be the fittest troops in the British Army and are expected to undertake intense physical exercise every day, even on operations if possible.

Troops work out for at least an hour using weights and aerobic exercises. On operations, they must be able to march for miles often with limited water and rations and in hostile terrain.

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Our insider said: “The SAS will sometimes ship gym equipment from Hereford to another country if they are likely to be there for months.

“In places like Iraq and Afghanistan they had decent gyms with weights and other pieces of kit but they also needed to undertake intense aerobic exercise.

“The key thing for exercise is to make it interesting. Running can get a bit boring so the guys would play five aside football at a very hectic pace on a large pitch.”

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