Scuba diving sleuths have cracked seven missing person cold cases in two months

A team of scuba diving sleuths in South Illinois are solving the cases police can't close, having cracked seven cold missing persons cases in just two months – some of which have remained unsolved for decades.

The group Chaos Divers, made up of divers Jacob Grubbs and Eric Bussick, and Lindsey Bussick who is in charge of logistics, solved seven missing persons cases between October and December last year in several US states including in Illinois, Oregon, Kentucky, and Texas, reports The Sun.

Chaos Divers was formed after ex-miner Jacobs, 33, made contact with diver Jared Leisek another diving sleuth and felt "compelled" to continue the line of work.

Together, the team have found the remains of many missing people including that of 20-year-old Samantha Jean Hopper, who disappeared with her one year old daughter in 1998, leaving behind another daughter.

Most recently they found the remains of Jeff Anthony Shepherd, who had been missing since 2018 after being last seen in a bar.

Family and friends of missing people get in contact with Chaos Divers to see if they can help them find a missing loved one, and sometimes police ask for their help.

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Lindsey told The Sun: "We get as many details as we can, from where they were last seen, where they were headed and the location of the last ping of their cellphone," Lindsey told The Sun.

"From there, we kind of map out their last known movements and identify any waterways they may have passed before vanishing."

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Lindsey works out whether Chaos Divers can take on a case or not. The sonar equipment the team use only picks up vehicle, so if there is no car involved – or body of water – it's not a case for the Chaos Divers.

The group, which offers their services free-of-charge and fund their trips through donations and merch sales, takes on as many cases as they can, often working cases weekly.

Linsday says while the team feel elated once a case is solved, this is quickly replaced by sadness.

"It is a heartbreaking moment to have to look someone in the eye and say, 'We've found them. They are gone'," she said.

"But at the same time as these tears are rolling down their face you're watching this weight be lifted off of them, because for the first time and however many months, years, or decades, they know where their loved one is and they don't have to wonder anymore, they don't have to worry.

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